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50 Game Day Appetizers

These delicious Game Day Appetizers are sure to please everyone coming to the big game party.  With 50 appetizer recipes to choose from,  there's a wide variety to choose from and something that everyone will enjoy.

This roundup of tasty game day appetizers includes wings, dips, nachos, and lots of meaty options including chicken, beef, seafood, and pork.

There are also Vegan, Gluten-Free, Keto, Low Carb options for those on a special diet.  There's a game day appetizer for everyone! 

Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, Air Fryer, quick prep, and oven recipes included!

A collage of Game Day appetizers recipes including nachos, pigs in a blanket, and dip.

Game Day Nachos Recipes

A staple at every Game Day Party - These delicious Game Day Nacho recipes are perfect to serve for the big game.

Tips for making nachos

  • Use a sheet pan - line a sheet pan with parchment paper before making your nachos. It's super easy to clean up after they've been eaten!
  • Pick the right chips - all tortilla chips are not equal so pick the right variety for the nachos. The heavier the nacho toppings, the stronger the chip should be.
  • Keep it small - when it comes to meat, chop or dice it small to keep everything on the tortilla chip bite-sized. Same goes for veggies!
  • Layer the toppings - For the most flavor, mingle the ingredients by layering the toppings and cheese over the chips.

Game Day Party Dips

This list of delicious party dips is a must at your next Game Day party. The list includes cheesy dips and bean dips.

Tips for Party Dips

  • Keep the right temperature - for hot dips, keep them hot by warming them in a small crockpot for easy serving. For presentation, add some extra toppings to the slow cooker before serving!
  • Serve with the right dippers - Serve with baguettes, pretzels, tortilla chips, Fritos, and other dippers depending on the dip being served. Serve a variety of options for the guests!

Instant Pot Game Day Appetizers

The Instant Pot is great for parties because there's not a lot of hands-on time when it comes to cooking in a pressure cooker.

Plus, the Instant Pot is a great way to keep food warm at parties. This Instant Pot Game Day Appetizers list includes dips, and classic appetizer recipes.

Tips for Instant Pot Game Day Recipes

  • Keep it warm - the warm setting on the Instant Pot or pressure cooker is a great way to keep dips warm and ready for serving.
  • Utilize the broiler - The Instant Pot is great for party appetizers but if you want that cheesy bubbling crust, transfer dips to an oven-safe dish and set it under the broiler for a few minutes. Or, if you have the Air Fryer lid combo, use that instead.

Air Fryer Game Day Appetizers

This list of Air Fryer Game Day Appetizer recipes includes pizza, chicken, and sausage. Making recipes in the Air Fryer are easy to make and takes less time than in the oven.

Tips for using the Air Fryer

  • Prep for easy clean up - For easy grease clean up, add water to the grease drawer so it doesn't seize up and isn't hard to clean.
  • Spray with oil - Spraying the food with oil while air frying will help the foods produce a golden color.
  • Flip - For even cooking, flip the items that you are air frying halfway between cooking for even frying.

Crockpot Game Day Appetizers

A list of Crockpot (Slow Cooker) Game Day appetizers. Throw it in the slow cooker and let it cook! An easy and quick way to get prepared for the Big Game.

These crowd-pleasing recipes will make enough for everyone to enjoy.

Tips for Crockpot Appetizers

Use liners - for super easy cleanup use slow cooker liners. When the food is gone, simply pull the liner out of the slow cooker and discard it.

Use the right setting - Slow cooking can be done on HIGH or LO settings. If you have the time the LO setting cooks the dish low and slow.

If you need your appetizer earlier, put it on the HIGH setting and cook it for less time. Most recipes will give options for both slow cooker temperatures. Make sure to follow directions for food safety.

Game Day Wing Appetizer Recipes

A game day staple - Chicken wing appetizers with a variety of flavors for the biggest game of the year. The list includes sweet, sticky, and also parmesan garlic flavors.

Tips for Game Day Wing Appetizers

Keep them warm - Keep the wings warm for the game day party by placing the cooked chicken wings on a baking sheet and placing them in the oven on the warm setting.

Marinate - If you have the time, marinate the wings ahead of cooking for either a few hours or overnight. The flavors will develop and be absolutely delicious.

Easy Game Day Appetizers

This list of Game Day Appetizer recipes are easy to make and there's a recipe something that everyone will enjoy during the Big Game. Includes fried and baked recipes

This list of recipes includes chicken, beef, pork, and seafood recipes as well as vegetarian and vegan options.


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