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30+ Easter Dinner Recipes - Main Dishes, Sides, and Desserts

These Easter Dinner recipes include main dishes, sides, and desserts.  Below there are recipes for ham, pork loin, lamb, and more for your main courses.  These beautiful centerpieces offer flavors of honey, brown sugar, maple, honey mustard, and garlic, and herb spices. 

Easter Dinner Recipes

There's a wide variety of delicious appetizers and sides as well.  From classic deviled eggs to creamy potatoes, there's a side for everyone at your table! 

Easter Dinner Recipes

Everyone looks forward to dessert, even after your guests get their bellies full of a delicious homecooked meal.   These desserts are sure to please family and friends!  From Easter-themed candies, fudge, and brownies, to moist cake loaves, cheesecakes, and pies, there's a dessert that your guests are sure to love! 

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Easter Main Courses

These ham, pork loin, roast beef, and lamb recipes make beautiful and delicious centerpieces for your Easter spread.

Easter Appetizers and Sides

These appetizers and sides include vegetables, bread, pasta, and soups.

Easter Desserts

From Easter themed to simply delicious, these desserts will look great on your Easter table!

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