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Ham and Cheddar Shredded Hashbrowns Breakfast Casserole

Saturday Mornings are the only mornings when the whole family is together and there isn't a huge rush to go anywhere.  It's the morning that my family looks forward to.  I always make delicious breakfast spread but on some days it can be very time-consuming.

I like making Ham and Cheddar Shredded Hashbrowns for breakfast and I like to use Simply Potatoes®. They require no washing, no peeling, and shredding.  Their shredded potatoes are made with real ingredients and they're easy to prepare.

My go-to dish is my Ham and Cheddar Shredded Hashbrowns Breakfast Casserole.  It's quick, easy, and satisfies everyone's appetites.  How delicious isn't the best part of this dish; it's that it has very little hands-on time.

I use Simply Potatoes because they are simply made with always fresh, never frozen potatoes that go from farm, to fridge, to fork.  I don't have to worry about the extra prep work it would take using whole potatoes- that means more time with my family!

Ham and Cheddar Shredded Hashbrowns

Saturday mornings are for family time, giggles, and making memories.  As a mom, I miss out on a lot of that time because of the time spent in the kitchen.

Spending as much quality time that I can with my family is a high priority on my list and making this dish makes that quality time more possible.  The prep for this dish takes less than 10 minutes and it's so simple because the oven does all the work.  It's quick, easy, and it is delicious!



Monday 12th of March 2018

Potato salad is my favorite potato dish. We mix it up by dding different ingredients, like bacon, or substituting ranch instead of mayo.

Sapna Krishnan

Thursday 8th of March 2018

Potatoes is something we cannot do without. We love mashed potatoes and also make it the Indian way with a lot of spices. Will try your recipe next time. :)


Wednesday 7th of March 2018

They look delicious! My favorite guilty pleasure is scalloped potatoes!

Tina W

Wednesday 7th of March 2018

I love funeral potatoes. Anything with a crunchy cornflake topping is alright by me!


Wednesday 7th of March 2018

Ooooh those look like the perfect breakfast casserole. I loooove shredded potatoes. Definitely going to give this a try- looks pretty quick and easy.