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How to Make Swirled Cupcake Frosting

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How to Make Swirled Cupcake Frosting


Every year for my daughter’s birthday she requests that I take cupcakes into her class. For the past two years, she has asked for this swirled cupcake frosting.

Last year she wanted pastel colors for her cupcakes which fit her personality well. Calm, soft-spoken, but still beautiful.

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How to Make 2


This year she wanted bright, colorful, and outspoken colors which was fitting since she has become quite the social butterfly.

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Learning how to make swirl frosting for your cupcakes and actually really easy and doesn’t have to be messy! Trust me…. I’ve done it the hard way and I figured out how to do it the EASY way!


Here’s how to do it:


Make your frosting and separate into equal parts. You can choose as many colors as you want. My daughter wanted these three.  🙂

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Lay a price of saran wrap on your counter, sticky side down.

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Spread out equal amounts in the pattern you would like to use on the saran wrap.


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Roll the saran up so that the colors on each end meet up and gently roll tight. Make sure not to blend the colors into each other.


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Press the saran wrap together at the end.

20171004 144729


Using scissors cut the excess saran wrap off.


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It should look like this when you are ready to put it in your piping bag.

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I used the Wilton’s large open star tip for these cupcakes. Insert the tip into bag followed by the frosting, cut side down. Gently work frosting down into tip making sure to work all of the colors down the tube together.


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That’s it. You’re done! See how super easy and mess free that was?!


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This article may contain affiliate links. If you purchase products through these links I may earn a small commission, it is no extra cost to you and it is means to help support this blog.









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