Spooky Yummy Popcorn Snack Mix

This Halloween Snack Mix is made with caramel popcorn, chocolate-dipped pretzels, M&M's, and more!

It's easy to customize this snack mix by swapping out candies, adding ingredients in, or just taking ingredients out.


– Caramel popcorn – Chocolate-dipped pretzels – Halloween M&M's – Acorn Kisses – Candy eyeballs

Make the caramel according to the recipe's directions ahead of time to allow it to cool.


Measure out the candies- you can get creative by adding as little or as much as you like to this snack mix.


Add the candies into a large bowl that is filled with the prepared caramel corn.


Toss the candies into the caramel corn to give it a shake.


Reserve a few candy eyeballs to place onto the chocolate-dipped pretzels before serving.


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