Air Fryer French Bread Pizza

French bread pizza is super easy to make and a family favorite in this house!

– French Bread – Pizza sauce – Pepperonis – Mozzarella cheese – Garlic


In a small bowl, melt the ¼ cup butter. Mix in the minced garlic clove.


Slice the loaf of French bread lengthwise and then slice in half. You will have 4 pieces.


Brush the melted butter mixture onto the French bread. Set the air fryer to AIR FRY, 400°, and set it to 7 minutes.


Place the sliced French bread on the trays (if using oven-type air fryer) and add once air fryer prompts.


Once the air fryer tells you to turn the food carefully remove the tray(s) and place the desired amount of sauce and toppings onto the pizza.


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