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Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor Sweepstakes

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Nothing is more fun than solving a mystery and the hottest mystery this summer is what is the Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor. The brand is having a sweepstakes and over 450 prizes are up for grabs.  All you have to do is guess the Sparking Ice Mystery Flavor.  Put your tastebuds to the test enter to win.


Variety of Flavors

Warm up your tastebuds before the taste test by trying their wide variety of flavors.  Fizzy fruit flavored water is the hottest drink this summer.

Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor


Mix it up this summer by adding fresh fruit to your glass of Sparkling Ice fizzy water.  Serve it with a skewer at cook-outs and parties and be ready to impress them with flavors and fizz.  Buy extra bottles… they’re going to go fast.

Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor


Taste the summer with Sparkling Ice classic lemonade.  Not only will you get that familiar flavor but you’ll also get a party in your mouth with all the fizz.  And, who doesn’t enjoy strawberry drinks in the summertime?  Add some frozen fruit ice cubes to these drinks to spruce them up and give them flare.

Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor


Mystery Flavor Sweepstakes

So, go ahead – enter your guess for a chance to win a prize in the #WhatTheFlavorSweeps, your taste buds will thank you. 

Mystery Flavor 1

Blueberry Hand Pies
Frosted Animal Crackers