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What You Really Need For Baby

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What You Really Need For Baby

When putting together a baby registry it is really easy to get carried away or worse – no idea of what to put on it! So, what do you really need for baby?


This list will hopefully help you choose what to put on your registry or help figure what to give someone who is expecting. These are all items that I used while raising my babies.


What YouReally NeedFor Baby


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This is a no-brainer but you need a car seat. Not only do you need one that is safe but you also need one that is comfortable and easy to carry. With our first child we thought we were getting a compact car seat. It was too small and we had to replace it pretty much as soon as we got it. Not only that but it was super heavy for both my husband and I to carry. Our second child was different. We did our research and got a good one -it was affordable, too!



Graco’s SnugRide® 30 is an ultra-lightweight car seat and is for babies 4 lbs. to 30 lbs. This car seat comes with compatible strollers to make it easy to transfer baby in and out of car. has great deals on these car seats and a multitude of colors!




1 4 1You need a diaper bag. In my opinion it needs to have a lot of compartments and easily accessible. With our first child we used something that was once again too small and items were easily lost inside of it. Make sure to get a diaper bag that will grow with your child. You need one big enough to hold diapers, wipes, burp cloths, extra pairs of clothes, and food. Not to mention all of the other stuff that you will end up throwing in there.




The Eddie Bauer Places & Spaces Duffle Diaper Bag is awesome! It has more than enough compartments and is comfortable to carry. It has 12 pockets and designed with organization in mind. Not only that but it has a changing pad that really comes in handy! You’ll be changing your baby a lot while on the go and this very convenient options is super useful.

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1 5 1You’ll need a healthcare and grooming kit. This is really important because you will be clipping and filing nails, taking temperatures, administering medicine, and more.






This Safety 1st Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit was great for us. It came with all the necessities and it came with a carrying case. We used just about everything in this kit within the first few months.




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This is a big one. You should have a baby monitor. With our first daughter we had the basic baby monitor. It had no video and I had many sleepless nights. With our second child we really stepped things up and I am so glad that we did. We got one with video and it was such a relief to be able to check on our son without waking him up 15 times a night. I really recommend one.






LEVANA® Astra™ 3.5” PTZ Digital Baby Video Monitor with Talk to Baby™ Intercom has excellent reviews. With the night vision feature it is easy to check on your baby in the dark. It has sound indicator lights so you can be aware of movements in the room. The camera also has tilt and zoom features. This camera is also affordable compared to other makes and models out there.




1 7 1Another no-brainer is diapers. You know you need them but how many do you need? They grow so fast as newborns so you don’t need a whole lot of newborn diapers.

As far as newborn diapers go, the hospital will give you some when you leave so don’t buy too many. You should be able to get away with 1 box of newborn diapers. I would say the same for size 1 but it really depends on the child’s growth rate. My children stayed in size 2 and 3 forever. Buying diapers with discounts through Target can take some of the stress off of the cost of a baby. They have gift card offers and I used them to buy other necessities for my kids.

One thing to think about as far as diapers go is that not all diapers will work with your child. For instance, my children could never wear Huggies and Pampers were the only diapers that didn’t irritate in some way or just not fit. It is a good idea to buy a small pack at first to see how your child reacts. always have deals running on their diapers and it is a great place to buy them.



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You need a baby bath tub. You will need something that will support their necks and hold them up in the water. Not to mention it will be so much fun for them to splash around in a tub just their size.






AquaScale 3-in-1 Digital Scale, Water Thermometer and Infant Tub has a really cool feature. It has a thermometer on it so you know what temperature you’re putting your baby into. An honest and easy mistake to make is to make the water too hot for baby. With this bathtub it takes the guessing out of making baby’s bath a safe temperature. Another great feature is that it is designed to safely hold your baby in an upright position.


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1 9 1Laundry detergent is something that you will definitely need. You’ll need something that is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. A lot of the detergents that we may use on our clothes are too harsh for your child’s.






I have found two options that I like and really just comes down to scent. One is the Dreft laundry detergent. It has a nice scent and the brand has different stage options for sensitivity levels.


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Another great option is all Free and clear laundry detergent. It is free of dyes and fragrance that could easily irritate the baby’s skin and it  is cheaper than Dreft.



1 10 1Swaddle blankets are a must. Swaddling is important because it gives the baby sense of security and also gives it warmth. It is also great for calming your child. The biggest reason to swaddle your baby – it reduces the risk of SIDS. My husband’s favorite part was that we were able to get our babies to bed faster and get some much needed rest.





Swaddle blankets have also come a long way from just a few years ago. These SwaddleDesigns® Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets are absolutely amazing. They are well worth the investment. The material is completely breathable and they can used as stroller covers and nursing covers alike. They’re stretchy as well so they grow is baby and they’re super soft. Not to mention they come in many adorable designs!



1 11Some people can go with out my next recommendation but I say it’s a must. It’s always smart to have burp cloths on hand. Babies spit up – a lot. They get their face messy and you will find yourself looking for something to clean baby off with.







I personally like  Just One You™ Made by Carter’s® burp clothes. We have tried a lot of different brands but we like these best. They’re long enough to catch drips but small enough to pack away in a diaper bag. They come in a 4 pack so you can always have some on hand when some are in the wash.



1 12Whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding these bottles will come in handy. I breastfed my children but if someone else was watching my child or daddy was feeding our baby we had to use bottles. It’s important to get a good bottle but that doesn’t mean to you have to spend a lot of money doing it!





My husband and I really like the Playtex Nursing Bottles with Drop-In Liners. The liners prevent the milky smell that build up in bottles and they’re really easy to just throw away and add a new one. Another plus to these liners is that they collapse while the baby is feeding to prevent air buildup in the bottle which can help prevent colic. Losing a bottle is inevitable and using drop-in liners help eliminate the chance of mold hurting that baby.


1 13 1Last but not least, you will need baby shampoo. There are a lot of options out there and we have tried a whole lot of them. Our children have eczema. Their sensitive skin couldn’t take the harsh chemicals in some of the brands so we went on the search to find baby shampoo that was gentle on our children’s skin. We found a great product – not only was it gentle on their skin but it also still gives that new baby smell.




We loved using the Aveeno Baby shampoos and lotions. Gentle on the skin and it leaves baby’s skin really soft. Smells wonderful, too!


That concludes my list. Hopefully this list has given you some good insight on things you will need after having a baby. Having a baby is a wonderful joyous time and having a good sense of direction for what you need can definitely help with the stress of having one.

This article contains affiliate links. If you purchase products through these links I may earn a small commission, it is no extra cost to you and it is means to help support this blog. 


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