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Our Top Children’s Books

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Reading is something that we really enjoy in our family. It’s also something that our children look forward to every day.  It is special to them because not only is reading a fun cozy time – it’s also a learning experience.  I would like to share our top children’s book list for our family.

Every time that I find myself searching the web for “Top book lists for kids,” I’m usually disappointed.  I find that it’s the same books over and over again. If you’re like me and want to find something different to read to your kids… look no further!  I sat down with my husband and we compiled a list of books that we love to share with our children:


1. Scarecrow Pete – Mark Kimball Moulton

Scarecrow Pete

Ages 4-8

This is our favorite book by far. It has a very strong message encouraging young children to read and this book does not disappoint. This book is a target read for ages 4-8 but we began reading it while our children were very young.  My husband especially enjoys the rhyming and cadence of this book.  Our youngest is 2 years old and he absolutely loves it.


2. A Very Curious Bear – Tony Mitton

     A Very Curious Bear

            Ages 2-5

This gem is one that we picked up at a book fair about 6 years ago. This book still sits on my daughter’s bookshelf and is well loved.  It is heartwarming and it filled with great messages.  It takes life’s challenges and turns them into triumphs.


3. Consider Love – Sandra Boynton

Consider Love

Ages 4-8

Our copy of this book has been taped back together again and again.  This book is a great book for discussion about love and has a great use of imagery and words which are great for a little one’s growing vocabulary.  Our daughter especially likes this book because of the fun and lively characters.

4. My Daddy and I – P.K. Hallinan

My Daddy and I 1

Ages 2-4

This book has been read consistently for over 8 years in our home.  It’s a go-to for a quick bedtime story and the kids always enjoy listening to the story.  It flows nicely and has a great positive message.  Not only does this story perpetuate family unity but it also helps show dads and children a healthy routine. All of our children have enjoyed reading about time with daddy.


5. You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You – Mary Ann Hoberman

You Read to Me Ill Read to You

Ages 5+

This is book that you read together.  The stories are color-coded. Your child picks 1 of the two colors to read and then you read the other. The third color, blue, is read in unison. The stories are fun to read and our daughter looks forward to it every night.  We love these books and others by this author as it is a great book for beginner readers.  Both of our daughters’ confidence to read started with this book and today they are both strong readers.  We recommend this book to anyone with children that are on the verge of being able to read on their own.


6. The Monster Princess – D.J. MacHale

The Monster Princess

Ages 4-6

The message of this book teaches children to be themselves and be happy with whom they are.  It is also a great alternative to the princess fairy tales stories as it has a twist. This story of inner beauty flows with a smooth rhythm and ease that is rare in children’s books. The story telling is cute and lively and sends a perfect message for daughters.


7.  Are You A Cow? – Sandra Boynton

Are You A Cow

Ages 1-5

Our son loves this book.  It’s a silly book that your child can learn about animals through.  It helps young children become interactive and excited about what you’re reading to them.  It also boosts confidence because it’s an easily learned story that they can read with you.

8.  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – Dr. Suess

One Fish Two Fish

Ages 3-7

Great for beginning readers as it is filled with simple rhyming words. It is catchy, cute, and filled with entertaining tongue twisters.  My daughter loved this book so much she practiced reading it on her own and read it to her 1st grade class.

9. Where is the Green Sheep? – Mem Fox

Where is the Green Sheep

Ages 1-4


This is a great book for beginner rhyming words.  It is filled with illustrations that demonstrate opposites and colors.  It’s a book that children can interact with and “look “ for the green sheep.

10.  The Going to Bed Book – Sandra Boynton

The Going to Bed Book

Ages 1-4


This is another fun book written by Sandra Boynton teaching kids to have fun with the routine of going to bed.  It’s perfect for young children as a bedtime story.


11. Giraffes Can’t Dance – Giles Andreae

Giraffes Cant Dance

Ages 3 – 6


This is a fun and silly book. It is about finding your confidence and being yourself. Our kids enjoy the animals in this book.


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Help us out, give us something new to read. Comment below what you like to read to your kids!

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