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Must Read Books for Kids This Summer

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These must read books for kids this summer list is full of fun and even educational.

My daughter loves to read.  All the time.  My once struggling to read daughter has blossomed into a bookworm that loves to explore new books and new genres.  She loves fiction, non-fiction, and even silly books as well.  My daughter is starting 3rd grade this Fall and she has a list of books she wants to read to give her a head start in vocabulary and comprehension for the new year.  Hey, her words, not mine 🙂  Below I share the Must Read Children’s Books for Summer according to my daughter!

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Must Read Childrens Books For Summer

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Must Read Books for Kids

My daughter is reading Aces Wild right now and really enjoys the book.  She picked this book up last time we went to a book fair and finally caved in and started reading it early.  The other books are the ones that are on her her to read next!

Must Read Books for Kids This Summer

Other Books on the List

My daughter is currently reading A Wrinkle in Time with her dad.  She really loves the book and she is anxious to finish it so she can watch the movie afterwards and compare the two!  She has already read Gooseberry Park but it’s one she thoroughly enjoyed so it should definitely be on the list!

Must Read Books for Kids This Summer

Fun and Educational Books

As I mentioned before, my daughter likes to read non-fiction as well.  She loves nature and she’s really into science.

Must Read Books for Kids This Summer

If you want to get your child reading this summer, check these books out.  Some of the books are on the Virginia Choice Readers list.  That means,  they’re well written, meet educational standards, and they’re engaging!

Must Read Books For Summer
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