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Must Read Books For Summer

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Every Summer I look forward to reading books that I’ve been meaning to read for a while.  I jot down books that interest me and by summer time I have a pretty large list to choose from.  I usually go to Amazon or to Goodreads to check out the reviews and to choose which one that I will read first.  On this list will also list books that I have read and absolutely loved!

Must Read Books For Summer

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I am huge fan of Psychological Thrillers and Mysteries and I also enjoy the horror genre.  A series that I have finished recently is Stephen King’s Bill Hodges Trilogy .  It was a gripping series that had many twists and turns.  If you’ve ever read Stephen King, you know that he really great at grasping your attention and not letting go.  With this series, it is no different and you’ll be anxiously waiting to pick the book back up and find out what happens next.


Setphen King Books to Read



Must Read Books to Read in 2018

These are books on my list that I haven’t read yet.  Books rarely grab me by the cover and I love to browse the back or front jacket cover of books to see what they’re about.  These made it top of my list and are out of the genre that I usually read.  They are or have been on the Bestsellers list and I really look forward to reading them.

Books Read Summer



Other Books To Read

Other Books on my list to read are these.  I did add in a book that I have read and absolutely loved it!  If you’re a fan of Lisa Gardner, definitely read this book.  It is one of her best books and that’s saying a lot!

I’ve also read Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep.  It is this sequel to the novel, The Shining, Danny Torrance is all grown up.   It takes place 35 years later after his Father Jack Torrance went insane in the Overlook Hotel.  It’s a “can’t put down” kind of book!

Must Read Books



Read a book that you absolutely loved or would suggest?  Let me know below – I’ll check it out and add it to my list!

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