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Chocolate Chip Muffins (Bakery-Style)

These moist and delicious chocolate chip muffins are made Bakery-Style with semi-sweet chocolate chips and are topped with crystallized sugar.  Bakery-Style Muffins These muffins have a tall muffin top and are topped with crystallized sugar just like your local bakery.  Achieving a taller muffin is fairly simple.  It’s as simple as adjusting your oven temperatures …

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Blueberry Banana Bread (The Old Mill Copycat)

A moist and delicious copycat recipe for The Old Mill Blueberry Banana Bread. I love making a quick and easy bread recipe for breakfast or dessert.  This one is super simple, rises beautifully, and comes out with the perfect amount of moistness.  I make my bread with fresh blueberries but you can use frozen if …

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Brown Butter Pancakes

These Brown Butter Pancakes have the delicious flavor of browned butter.  This recipe uses a simple pancake batter with the addition of browned butter. Brown Butter Pancakes Variation This recipe for brown butter pancakes can be made without browning the butter and they’d still taste great!  Going a little further with these pancakes and making …

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